Friday, July 15, 2011

No More Lights On Friday Nights...

0Tonight, marks the end of an era...
yet again.
Tonight we say goodbye to Coach Taylor and Tammy,
to Tim Riggins,
to Buddy,
to the Dillon Panthers,
and the East Dillon Lions...
Tonight we say goodbye to our Friday night loves...
and I am just not prepared.
When previews for the final episode aired last week,
I was close to a melt down.
A proposal,
pep talks,
heart to hearts,
and one more heroic Friday night in Dillon, Texas.

I am going to need one LARGE glass of red wine,
an entire box of tissues,
and AT LEAST 30 minutes after the show to compose myself...
make that an hour.

Clear eyes.
Full Hearts.
Can't lose.