Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My DIY Darling

This past weekend Kody and his dad went to work on our patio, and on Sunday afternoon we had a brand new gorgeous pergola. Kody's inner DIY never ceases to amaze me. He studies pictures and videos of whatever project he wants to complete and the end result is always FAAAAAABULOUS. I am so blessed that my husband's hobbies benefit me with gorgeous new rooms and projects around our home....... not quite sure what I did to land myself such a catch, but I am so very thankful!

Annabelle was enjoying Kody's hard work almost as much as I was....
Our next step will be to begin the search for new patio furniture and some plants and vines to grow up the pergola. We need to reward Kody's fabulous work with some fabulous new pieces to complete his project!
I must say my FAVORITE part of his work were these wine bottle torches he put together. He got the idea at an atique shop downtown called Circa 1857, bought his own kit online, the remaining pieces at Home Depot and added wine bottles the are special to us to complete the look. This particular bottle is one we first had on our trip to Paris in December. I could not be more proud of my husband. I will have to finish bragging on him another time and show off more of his projects and remodels!!!


John and Lauren said...

Michelle Valverde! That is fantabulous!! First, love that you are blogging. Finally. And second, how great is Kody?! Love those wine bottle torches. Have never seen anything like it!!

Vicki said...

Love those wine bottle torches! May have to steal that idea! :)