Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Five and Fabulous...

My sweet little diva darling,
turns the big FIVE today...
 If you know me...
then you know this little puppy angel
(outside of Kody, of course...)
I love her far more then I should...
I am wayyyyyy more attached then some would consider healthy...
But Annabelle deserves that much love,
because she has given me that much in return...
 and more.
My sweet girl has been through a LOT with me in her five years.
A lot of change...
a lot of growing up...
a lot of finding myself...
a lot of relocations...
new jobs...
new friends...
new love...
new family...
new beginnings...
Annabelle has been there.
every. single. step. of. the. way.
She is my absolute heart,
and is the most amazing and perfect little puppy
that could have ever been put in my life.
She will never be able to fully understand
what a special place she holds in our family...
but I pray,
that somehow and someway
she understands our love and thankfulness for her...
We love you so much Annabelle...
and are so happy that you are OURS!!!
(no matter how much your mean daddy threatens to sell you...)
Happy Happy Birthday
to the most fabulous and precious
puppy I know!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Yeah Alabama!!!

After the storms hit Alabama in April,
I believe we all had this date circled on our calendars.
The weekend when Tuscaloosa,
for the first time in close to 5 months...
would feel normal.
Not normal in a disrespectful,
let's forget about what happened way...
More like a,
finally letting our breath out normal.
Taking a step away from the heartbreak and devastation,
to celebrate each other,
our community,
and our beloved Crimson Tide...

my most favorite band in the WORLD
will play a benefit concert at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater.
I am sure it will bring a mix of emotions to my heart,
and I am thoroughly looking forward to spending this evening with my family...
all 7500 hundred of them.

Then bright and early Saturday morning...
Bryant Denny will come alive
and we get to cheer on our boys
as they open 2011.
They, along with the rest of our city and state,
have been through SO much this off season.
I don't have words that could accurately
express my thoughts and emotions about this game ...
I expect it to be a special Saturday in Tuscaloosa
and I am so looking forward
to being in Sweet Home Alabama...
 We open the season against Kent State.
Most people snub their noses to this opponent,
but we are welcoming them with open arms.
They may not play in the SEC,
and they may not be ranked in the top 25...
but they spent time this past week
helping to rebuild our city.
I can not say enough great things about the class and character of Kent State's football program.
From the bottom of our hearts,
for all you have done.
 And now comes Saturday night...
living in LSU country,
you can't help but anticipate this HUGE opening game for the Tigers.
This team has also had quite the off season...
for vastly different reasons then my Crimson Tide...
but still exhausting none-the-less.
I am not here to debate the Shady 4,
the fight,
the arrests.
I AM here, to talk about the newly named starting quarterback for the Tigers...
Jarret Lee.
The class, poise, loyalty and character he has exhibited throughout his collegiate career
is absolutely amazing and admirable.
He has suffered more unjustified
cattiness, criticism and ugliness
then I have ever seen another college athlete face.
Saturday night,
he will lead his team in a big time
opening game...
and while I can not STAND portions of the LSU fan base for more reasons then I can count...
I wish Jarret Lee all of the success in the world.
YOU have a fan in me!

Have a very safe, and fun filled Labor Day weekend y'all!
Rolllllll Tide!!!