Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Callin' Baton Rouge

Two year's ago today I started a new journey in life

A brand new city
A brand new television station
A brand new home

Baton Rouge has certainly thrown its challenges my way during these past 2 years
 2 wrecks in 3 months...
one of which totaled my precious Accord that was my high school graduation gift from my parents
A break in ...
during which the alarm Annabelle scared off the bad guys
And LSU fans...
365 days a year 
can be enough to make annnnny Southern girl have their moments
Despite the wrecks, robbers, and a few hateful Tiger fans...
the past two years also brought along absolute bliss
the most amazing proposal to the man of my dreams 
my fairytale wedding
enough King Cake to build Annabelle a mansion
snowballs to make even the worst heat wave bearable
the fabulousness that is Strawberry Abita
new friends
new family
so much laughter
so many priceless memories
Thanks for the past 730 days Baton Rouge
your Cajun charm
& fabulous times
make it a pleasure to call you home ...
(especially when Alabama beats LSU)

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