Friday, May 20, 2011

Hooray For Hoover

Congraaaaaaatulations Hoover!
This amazing tournament is ours (can I still say ours even though I no longer technically live there?) for FIIIIIIIIIIVE MORE YEARS!!!
I was a litttttttle nervous when the SEC was voting on the future tournament location this past week...
I CAN NOT imaaaaagine this fabulous event taking place at any other ball park on this planet
...other then the one located minutes away from my front yard
That may seem a little drastic to you
...but I am not sure you understand what this tournament means to Hoover
2011 will be the 12th or 13th (how am I this old?!?!) year of my life that I will be in attendance for half my life I have sat in the stands at Regions Park, Memorial Day weekend
(which will ALWAYS be the Hoover Met in my heart)
and fallen in love with college baseball all over again...

I learned the game in those stands
I fell in LOVE with the game in those stands
I became a daddy's girl in those stands
 I switched allegiances in those stands
I watched my husband play in those stands
Our family has met lifelong friends in those stands...
No matter where I have lived, or what was going on...
Memorial Day weekend, the SEC Baseball Tournament, and Hoover...
bring me home
year after year

I grew up
In those stands
In my hometown
This tournament belongs to Hoover...
Because SEC Baseball grew up there as well

1 comment:

Adam said...

Theres nowhere like Hoover for the SEC Baseball Tournament! Glad it is staying there!