Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Prince Charming

In some way, shape, or form every little girl grows up dreaming of her Prince Charming.
My wedding day was not something I had planned out my entire life, or thought much about until I had to.
...But my husband... THAT is a different story...
I have thought about my person, my other half, for most of my 27 years.
I dreamt of him.
I prayed for him.
In many ways, I lived my life preparing for him.
One day, God put that precious precious man in my life...
And three years later, I understood his place in my heart and my soul.
I could not be more thankful that my person...
the man God created to complete me...
is who he is.
That isn't to say Kody is perfect, because the Good Lord knows he is faaaaaar from it.
(haha....love you Koko)
But even in his imperfections he is still perfect...for me.
Marriage, no matter how new or how old is noooooot always easy.
In fact, if you called my darling husband this minute... there is a 99% chance that he would tell you I was on his last nerve today.
But marriage is so much bigger then getting on one's nerves, and imperfections...
It's a glorious life, filled with ups and downs
Of memories
Of laughter
Of love
Of family
It's waking up next to your fairytale, your soul mate, the person you dreamt of...
It's believing in the beauty and captivation of love and forever
It's tough and amazing all at the same time
My marriage to Kody is truly my favorite thing in the world...
So when I saw this video...
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I just had to share...
His talk with her daddy was my faaaaavorite, his words echoe the thoughts and feelings of so many daddies and daughters...
They brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face.
Sometimes we get busy, stressed, and life just flat gets in the way of our fairy tales...
But it is so so fun and special to take walks down memory lane,
take back our love stories,
and reminisce on those moments that took our breath away...
I hope it was as sweet of a reminder of your journey to your prince charming and happily ever after as it was of mine.
Have a very blessed and fabulous Tuesday!

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