Thursday, January 12, 2012


Kody and I found out last Friday,
that we had the opportunity to go to the National Championship.
And by Sunday night,
I was SUPER emotional.
(shocker, I know)
I was overwhelmed,
feeling so blessed,
and excited
at the opportunity that the following day would bring.
The chance to see my darling Bama,
play for the crystal
at the conclusion of an EXTREMELY emotional
year and season
for my home state and Alma Mater.

Monday came and went
and before we knew it,
we're heading into the Superdome.
I don't have to describe what happened next,
because you all know...

And several hours later,
our boys were National Champions.
Not only were they National Champions,
they did it with a shut out,
and they DOMINATED.
This was the most special football team
I have EVER had the privilege of watching...
they truly are champions.
They love each other,
they love their community,
and they left more of a mark on Tuscaloosa
then ANYone imagined possible.
They truly went through hell,
hell that wasn't self induced by bar fights or suspensions,
real. life. hell.
and they fought it...
and WON.
April 27 FOREVER changed Tuscaloosa,
 as did this team.
The result of one was destruction and devastation,
the other...
These guys deserved this conclusion to their season,
this final chapter in their book,
more then anyone in the country...
not only because of their play on the field,
but because their hearts are the biggest and the BEST
in all the land.
This time...
the nice guys

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