Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happpppppy New Year!!!

Happy Happy 2012!!!
I love this quote.
It is on the inside of my perfume box,
Kate Spade's Twirl
(Gotta support my fellow Kappa right?!),
and I think it should be EVERYBODY'S motto for the New Year.
Whether you take it literally,
or let it be a metaphor,
I truly hope this year is filled with moments
of cocktails and confetti
for each and every one of us.
What better way to go through life,
then living like it's the most incredible celebration,
and a giant moment of sheer bliss!

And speaking of celebrations and bliss...
This Bama girl,
who happens to be a Louisiana resident,
is prayyyyyying
that Monday night ends
with a little crystal
and lot of celebration
for my Crimson Tide family.
I truly believe it will be a GREAT game,
between 2 amaaaaaazing teams.
But let's be honest...
I still hope and pray
that my sweet Bama
Beats. The. Crap.
out of LSU
and adds another
National Championship
to our already,
fabbbbulous collection.
No offense to my LSU loves,
I just have a weakness for crystal...
Happy New Year Y'all,
and Rollllll Tide!!!

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