Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Power of Prayer

I had planned on making this big Happy New Year post,
and that still may come,
but today my heart is elsewhere
and heavy.

We received some news yesterday
from some very dear friends,
best friends,
regarding a terrible and tragic loss
that their family has suffered.
Their story is not mine to tell,
but because we love this family
I am begging you to pray for them.

I do not have specific prayer requests for these people.
I feel as though listing things like
comfort, peace, understanding
are far too broad
and far too cliche'
for the prayer that this family is in need of.

I can not wrap my head around their heartache.
I can not understand why this hell,
this tragedy,
is happening to such a special family.
A family that will never be the same.
And because I can't understand,
because none of us understand,
I ask for prayer.
I ask for you to hit your knees right now,
and beg God to wrap his arms around this family,
like only He can.

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