Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Georgia On My Mind...

Life never seems to slow down for us.
We were on vacation for a bit,
then I needed a minute to recover from vacation
(isn't that irritating?),
and now Kody is sick sick sick.
So we've been non stop,
with a combination of down for the count...
which somehow still feels like we are going non stop.
Ohhhh, the life of an adult...

we spent part of last week and the week before,
on a little Spring time family vacay
in Savannah, Georgia.
As advertised,
Savannah is a Southern Belle's dreaaaaaam...
could use a BIT better shopping to TRULY be a dream
for THIS girl.

A vacation is not a successful vacation for me,
unless I come home with some sort of amazing find.
Savannah didn't fail me,
in spite of its mediocre shopping,
and I managed to
pick up a CLUTCH beauty gem.
Natural Lip Balm
This stuff is FANTASTIC.
I have allllll sorts of problems with dry, chapped lips...
and this stuff,
hands down,
is the best chapstick I have used.
(you can find online at
And if you are thinking that this is along the same line as Burt's Bees...
you are mistaken,
because this is WAY WAY better.
You. Are. Welcome.

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