Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Darling Tuscaloosa...

365 days ago,
on what had been an ordinary Wednesday,
my heart was broken at 5:47pm.
This image flashed across my television screen moments later,
...and my world was changed forever.

A knot still forms in my throat when I talk about that day.
Perhaps it will never go away,
perhaps that knot
serves as my scar,
my reminder.
As if we really need to be reminded.
We were all changed that day.
Those of us who sat terrified,
all across the country,
the world even.
Waiting to hear from our families,
our friends,
our city.
Those of you who lived through the terror first hand,
who took cover and prayed,
who blew those sirens and warnings off,
like so many times before.
We were all,
forever changed.

365 days later
we remember.
 We remember,
 all of those who lost their lives far too soon.
We remember,
 our beloved Tuscaloosa.
We remember,
because each and every one of us carry our own scars.
We will never forget,
because we can never forget.
Our first true love.
Our darling Tuscaloosa.

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