Saturday, April 28, 2012

A little blogging renovation...

For the past few weeks
I have been brainstorming on new blog titles.
Bayou Bliss was fiiiiiine
when I entered this little world of blogging...
but this blog was ready for something new,
something that told more of our story.
that resembled more of a tag line for this family,
if you will...
for our journey through life.

Cocktails and Confetti

Some of you may be thinking,
"Michelle has officially lost it,
OR she has become quite the lush..."

But let me explain...

Back in my New Year's post,
I mentioned how much I LOVED this quote...

I went on to mention
how I hoped this would be everyone's goal
for the New Year.
Literally if you wish...
but more so metaphorically.
That we would all strive to live
each and every day,
like it was the most amazing day,
at the most fabulous party,
in our best dressed,
with our favorite people.
Living life to the fullest.

With that being said,
welcome to
Cocktails and Confetti.
The Valverde's blog
about our crazy but amazing life,
that we endeavor to live to fullest,
savoring each and every moment.
(actually it's more Michelle's blog,
and kind of Annabelle's...
you all know Kody would rather
buy another Yorkie then blog...
BUT who needs details)


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