Saturday, May 19, 2012

And the chaos continues...

And once again,
I have turned into a terrible blogger...
 this time,
I have much more of an excuse!

A few days after my last post in April,
I made a little career transition.
Some of you know this,
most of you don't,
and very few of you can understand
the chaos that followed.

As of May 2,
I left my job
as WAFB's National Sales Assistant...
and became an Account Executive.
Same station (duh),
but a whooooole different ballgame.
To explain this to people
who have no understanding of television...
basically I have gone from inside sales,
to outside sales.
after 5 years of being FANTASTIC at my job
(not to toot my own horn or anything...),
I am a baby once more,
and somewhat starting over
if you will.

With that being said,
the calm,
and insanely organized girl that I am...
has been running around frantically,
for the past month,
trying to quickly learn
how to be as awesome at this position,
as I was my last...
because for those of you who know me,
know that I MUST excel at what I do.
Fingers crossed.
Wish me luck.

And secondly,
Sorority Sally is baaaaaack...
in adult form,
and is now a Provisional Member
of the Junior League of Baton Rouge.
Whoop Whoop.
"Super Saturday" was last weekend,
where we learned about
all of the philanthropic opportunities
the League offers.
And this past Tuesday,
we selected our (volunteer) placements.
I know this too is another language to most of you,
but essentially,
the Valverde's are busier then usual.
Especially Mrs.Valverde
(how that is even possible, is BEYOND me).

Wine donations
to help cope with the added stress
are appreciated.

Happy (almost) Summer Y'all!

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