Friday, April 6, 2012

The Hardest Good Bye on Good Friday

I blogged last year about losing my grandaddy around Easter.
We found out he was going to meet Jesus on Palm Sunday.
We buried him on Good Friday.
Around this time of year,
he always makes his presence known...
through a rainbow,
a song,
a sunset,
a memory.
I cherish those moments,
because I MISS my grandaddy.

I was on the phone with my mom
on the way home from work Tuesday,
discussing life...
nothing serious,
just future plans and goals...
different things on my mind here of late,
when she says to me
"You know, your grandaddy is looking down at you from Heaven right now,  and he is SO proud of you..."
Tears filled my eyes.
I quickly hung up the phone.
And once more,
 Grandaddy and I had our time,
my precious moment.

Happy Happy Easter Grandaddy.
I bet the dogwoods,
and sunsets on the bay
are even more amazing this time of year
from where you are.
We miss you,
and love you so...

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