Friday, June 17, 2011

Men Of Honor

This Sunday is Father's Day...
the day we set aside to honor
the most important and special men in our lives.
I am so blessed to have such amazing men that have and continue to love, guide, and care for me.
I have the most amazing Daddy in the world. 
He is better then your's....I assure you. 
He has loved me...
to the perfect definition of unconditional love.
I could go on and on about what he means to me....
but I will only end up a crying mess.
I love him more then I could ever express through words or actions...
I am so very thankful that he is mine.

I also have the most amazing brother in world.
Most of you know this....
but for those that don't,
Jason is 15 years older then me.
I was a surprise. 
I like to think a good one...
but he may disagree at times!
With our age difference....
he could have completely ignored me,
and gone about his teenage years.
But Jason was and still is my absolute heart.
He is the most special big brother
that I could have ever asked for.
I do not share with him enough how much he means to me...
and I should.
I am so so blessed that he too belongs to me.
I also have the greatest father-in-law in the world.
I am not sucking up
(I am sure Kody will accuse me of that)
I absolutely mean it.
I have always loved my Mr.Ken,
but this past year has taken that love to another level.
I absolutely ADORE that man.
He makes me laugh day in and day out,
and his heart is one of the biggest I have ever known.
I continue to grow more thankful for him each and ever day.
And Kody...
he isn't a father yet...
unless you count Annabelle,
and we might as well.
She is quite the handfull after all.
Watching him interact with our nieces, nephew,
and friend's children
truly warms my heart,
and makes me so excited for our future.
Kody is going to be an AMAZING dad...
Don't get your hopes up,
 we don't plan on that "someday" coming anytime soon.
So in the meantime,
I am thankful for the amazing man he is,
and how hard he works in building such an amazing
life and future for us.

Thank you to my favorite men and what you have and continue to bring to my life.  I love you all so very very much!!!

Have a very safe and happy Father's Day weekend!

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